Torque-Power CNC Ported Dash 3 Yella Terra Alloy Cylinder Head -
Bare with Seats Cut

After a long wait, the Yella Terra dash 3 hi port alloy head is back, and thanks to Torque Power - Micron, better than ever.

The basic head design is still the same, but it has a long awaited new port design with higher and more consistent flowing intake and exhaust ports, and a more efficient chamber.
These new ports and chamber designs were digitized and then CNC porting was carried out to achieve PFC (Port Flow Consistency).

The Torque Power – Micron CNC ported dash 3 heads, with the aid of the new high-rise single plane manifold (PN#001) designed and manufactured by Torque Power, make is easy to make over the 500 HP on pump fuel with early configuration style heads.

The Torque Power – Micron CNC ported dash 3 head is a great all round cylinder head we use on anything from 485 HP to 600 HP. Also due to the recent CNC port development, we have made 572 HP and 494 FTLB with a 383 cub, which you can read about on the TP website in ‘Manifold and CNC Ported Head Kits’.


All ports and chambers are CNC ported


Intake Port Volume

Exhaust Port Volume

Chamber Volume

Intake Valve Dia.

Exhaust Valve Dia.






  Dash 3 Hi-Port Flow Figures
Flowed @ 28” - 2.055” intake 1.6” exhaust valve
VALVE LIFT 100 200 300 400 500 550 600 650 700
INTAKE 67 137 195.5 233.7 258.7 266 272 275 275
EXHAUST 65 111 148 174 192.6 197.8 202 204



Heads are available bare or complete, but the idea of the manifold and CNC Ported head Combo was to help keep the cost down to achieve a large increase in Torque and HP, instead of a costly change to the later style EFI Holden head.

With this Top End Kit, a large percentage of cost savings are in not having to change ex pipes, cam, lifters, Rocker covers and Roller Rockers, as you would if you chose to change from Early Holden Heads to late Holden EFI style Heads.

Now there should be no problems for guys with early style Headed Holden engines to be able to make 500HP and over, as Torque-Power - Micron has done on there Proto Type 383 Engine.

Torque-Power Manifold and CNC Ported -3 Head combo cost $4,825.00