New Little Paw Cast Iron Engine Block from Torque-Power

It all started 4 years ago when Torque Power made a goal to redesign and improve the Australian iconic GMH 308 cast iron engine block.

  Now the “ultimate” engine block for the popular 308 is here. It's made of superior cast iron and the new design also gives consideration for large cubic inch, better oil delivery to mains and
big ends, with thicker cylinder walls, thicker deck and much more. The block has been designed with a priority main oil system, so the oil feeds to the main and big end bearings first and then the lifters and top end. All main caps are 4 bolt and steel billet, plus 195,000 PSI ARP main studs and 12 point nuts and harden washers. When it comes to displacement there is no bigger than the Little Paw, as it can accommodate a 4.000" stroke crank. Combine this with a bore of up to 4.200" and you get a 443 c.i.d.

Little Paw blocks also have 2 extra head studs similar to the Big Paw Block (one at the top and one at the bottom of the cylinder). This is an added design for high combustion pressures (eg superchargers, nitrous or turbo). Torque Power's TP230cc CNC ported heads can accommodate the extra head studs and the larger cubic inch combos that need more intake runner volume and cfm flow. The extra two head studs per cylinder also helps to stop “ballooning” effect of the cylinder bores when cylinder heads are assembled and
engine running pressures are applied. The Little Paw cylinder walls are on average .290” thick, which is about 3-4 times thicker than the average factory V8 Holden block. Little Paw blocks will accommodate a wide range of Holden parts. They’re available in only 8.875” STD and 9.00” deck heights.

There is a lot more to know about the Little Paw (offset push rods, ignition, crankshafts, front covers, roller cam bearings and so on), so check out the website Take a bit of time to view our other products that we have designed and manufactured over the last 20 years to keep our great Holden engine alive; and now with the release of the Little Paw Cast Iron Block. This will be the perfect starting point for powerful engines for street and racetracks.


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