VN-VT Low-Rise Dual Plane
Intake Manifold

For performance in high performance street, drag and boat engines, choose Touque-Power aluminum intake manifolds.
This dual plane high-rise split level manifold is the latest in 'State of the Art' technology.

From 1500 RPM 6500-RPM Torque-Power dual plane manifolds offer incredible torque and throttle response with plenty of top end power.

Torque-Power has achieved 400 HP 6000 RPM at 389 FT LB of torque at 4250 RPM. This was possible with a Torque-Power 308 CU IN Dyno Proven Power Package Kit.

All Torque-Power dual plane manifolds are non E.G.R.

          Torque-Power in conjunction with Micron Competition Engines have spent many hours in extensive flow and dyno testing to develop and patent a split level exit to the Torque-Power dual plane intake manifold to suit 308 EFI heads.

This design allows the eight intake runner to flow within 1-2 CFM out of the box. Port machining is not as important as is required on the other brands of intake manifolds.

  • Manifold to suit EFI V8 Holden cylinder head only
  • Split port level EXIT Design
  • The eight Intake Runner's Flow within 2 - 3 CFM of each other
  • Bosse's for EFI injector's or Nitrous Oxide nozzles if required
  • Over all height of manifold at front is 5 1/8
  Part #005: Carby Model $940.00
Part #003: EFi Model $1100.00
$AUD inc. GST

Fuel rail, throttle body and injectors are not included in the price of the Dual Plane manifold.