VN-VT Hi-Rise Dual Plane Manifold

This state of the art torque power hi-rise dual plane manifold has been designed
for 308 and stroker motors up to 383 CU in Holden V8 motors using VN-VT
cylinder head configuration.
The torque-power hi-rise dual plane delivers tremendous torque and horsepower
from 1500-6800 rpm and offers great top end power with excellent throttle


The intake runners have also been designed so that at any chose range between
1500-6800 rpm the velocity will be kept as high as possible for fuel atomization so max torque and horsepower can be delivered.
The Torque-Power Hi-rise dual plane comes with a 2.10 square inch port face area and can also be port matched to suit your own application if necessary.
The height of the manifold to the
carby base is 6” and this manifold includes 8 bosses that can be used for EFI or Nitrous applications.
    Part #012: Carby Model $940.00
Part #013: EFi Model $1100.00
$AUD inc. GST