Little Paw Single Plane Race Manifold
3500-8500RPM to suit Holden V8 blocks

This single plain aluminum manifold is designed for high performance and race engines. The Torque-Power single plain manifold will increase horse-power from 3500 RPM to 8000 RPM.

Torque-Power also offers a power package combination that delivers proven performance.

All these single plain manifolds are non E.R.G.

Torque-Power in conjunction with Micron Competition Engines have developed with extensive flow and dyno testing a High Rise single plain alloy intake manifold for 308 EFI heads.

This manifold has a state of the art plenum and runner design that will achieve maximum CFM flow with keeping velocity as high as possible while maintaining the best torque and horsepower along with incredible throttle response.

  • Manifold to suit EFI V8 Holden cylinder head only
  • Plenum, Runner and Port exit has been designed for maximum Torque and Horsepower
  • Bosse's for EFI injector's or Nitros Oxide Nozzles if required
  • Raised Water Jacket for Cool Air Flow under Intake Runner's
  • Overall height of manifold at front 7 1/4"

Fuel rail, throttle body and injectors are not included in the price of the Single Plane EFI manifold.

      Part #002: Carby Model $940.00
Part #004: EFi Model $1100.00
$AUD inc. GST